A Trip to the Grocery Store

My main nutrition message for the past 7+ years has always been “Eat Real Food.” Eat whole foods. Eat food as close to the source as possible. It’s the one thing I keep coming back to as I learn more and more about nutrition, and as I counsel patients and see real life diet results.

Headlines, studies, and advertising are confusing the heck out of people. Consequently, people say “screw it” and eat what they want, or they eat according to the research and not intuition. Consequently, we have a whole generation of people eating margarine, Egg Beaters, diet drinks, and other fake foods and doing their bodies a huge disservice. It’s mind-blowing to me when I see a patient who won’t eat steak because “red meat is unhealthy,” yet in their food log I see daily Fiber 1 chocolate chip candy bars….err, excuse me – “granola” bars. Because, you know, “fiber is healthy.”

This type of eating has got to stop! This focus on health claims and nutrients as ingredients is detrimental to health.

I try to teach people to ignore the headlines, ignore health claims, and just eat food. Fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, whole grains, legumes, and nuts are all food. Once you venture down the packaged food aisles, it gets trickier, but if you just take a quick peek at the ingredients list, it’s easy.

Come take a trip with me to the grocery store.

Bread Aisle


Edible bread-like substance

Dairy Case


Cottage cheese

Edible cottage cheese-like substance

Edible yogurt-like substance



Edible butter-like substance

Peanut butter

Edible peanut butter-like substance

Freezer Aisle

Ice cream

Edible ice cream-like substance

Snack Aisle

Snack bar

Edible snack bar-like substance


Edible cracker-like substance

Cereal Aisle


Edible oat-like substance

Bottom line?

1. Eat more foods without ingredients lists!

2. When buying packaged food, read the ingredients list. If you see ingredients that you recognize, go for it. A long list of chemicals? Skip it.

9 thoughts on “A Trip to the Grocery Store

    1. Nicole Post author

      This is what happens when I’m bored and have too much time on my hands :p Thankfully I went on a quiet weekday and didn’t get too many weird looks. I took a whole bunch and will gladly share!

  1. Drew

    Ok, challenge for you wacky dieticians: any suggestions for a whole food tortilla I can buy at the store that doesn’t get as hard as tree bark after being exposed to air for 2 minutes? Our kids like their sandwiches in wrap\roll form. Only one I could find that you would approve of is the Ezekiel brand stuff. Problem is they were rock solid in their lunchboxes by the time lunch rolled around – came back uneaten, and I don’t blame them. Have you found any others that retain their softness a bit?d


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