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People often ask me what’s the biggest piece of advice I give my weight loss patients. Besides eating more whole foods, which is a given for every patient, I recommend everyone eat a big breakfast with protein. I get my fair share of people who don’t eat breakfast at all, and just the simple act of eating something in the morning revs their metabolism so they start losing weight. But I also get plenty of people who eat carbohydrate-laden, 150-calorie breakfasts and wonder why they’re so hungry all day!

Everyone knows that eating breakfast is important, but why so many people still don’t make it a priority is beyond me. Eating a protein-rich breakfast reduces food cravings all day and aids in weight loss. However, research has shown that people tend to eat about two-thirds of their protein at dinner and only about 10 percent of it at breakfast.  The first meal of the day should contain at least as much protein as dinner!

How do you get more protein in the morning? Eggs are, of course, a good choice. But I also always recommend Greek yogurt, which has twice the protein as regular yogurt. For those people who say “Yuck” or say they’ve never had it, I recommend Chobani.

There are lots of brands of Greek yogurt on the market and I love them all (I also love making my own yogurt!). But in terms of mass appeal and flavor options, you can’t beat Chobani. Six ounces of Chobani (the size of an individual container) contains 13-17 grams of protein! Combine that with some nuts or nut butter, whole grain cereal or toast, and a piece of fruit, and you’ll have a breakfast that will keep you full, get your metabolism going, stabilize your blood sugar, and reduce cravings.

Chobani just launched a new larger line of their flavored yogurts. The 16-oz size makes it easy to split with a family member and cuts back on yogurt containers in the trash/recycling. They sent me a batch to sample, including their new vanilla chocolate chunk flavor, and I’m in love.

Want to try them too? Leave me a comment answering one of the questions below. Get another entry by retweeting on Twitter or sharing on Facebook. I’ll pick a random winner on Wednesday, December 12th and Chobani will send you a case of six 16-oz blends to try!

What’s your favorite way to get protein in the morning?

If you’re a breakfast skipper, why?

20 thoughts on “Chobani Giveaway!

  1. Ellen M

    My favorite way to get protein is usually cereal with organic, non-fat milk or Greek yogurt (Chobani!) with fresh organic berries.

    I used to skip breakfast but after doing Weight Watchers where they stress eating all of your meals, I started eating breakfast and noticed a huge boost in my energy ever since.

    Thanks for the giveaway. I always have plain Chobani on hand in my fridge, but excited to try these new larger fruit blends.

  2. Andrea Denning

    I’m a Chobani girl too. I prefer black cherry, pineapple, or vanilla. However, my two year old is a blueberry fanatic! I sometimes make a special trip to the grocery store just for that flavor. She has at least one a day. I also do egg whites for protein and dip them in Frank’s Red Hot wing sauce or egg whites scrambled with sautéed spinach. I don’t like the flavor of all eggs, so sometimes I’ll throw a whole egg in there just for vitamins and nutrients, but not very often.

  3. Hannah

    My favorite way is actually Chobani yogurt! I bring it to work everyday. If I don’t do a Greek yogurt, then I make sure to have some nuts or a hard-boiled egg

  4. meredith

    I usually try to eat yogurt in the morning, sometime I skip b/c I forget my food at home or Im rushed and dont have time. On the weekends my husband makes yummy omelets!

  5. Ttrockwood

    Most days i have overnight oats- i mix greek yogurt with raw oats, chia seeds, and a bit of almond milk, mix, and keep in the fridge. In the morning i just top with berries and im done!

  6. Lindsay Schwab

    I love making smoothies in the morning with a splash of lite vanilla Soymilk, fresh pineapple, strawberries and a banana with strawberry banana Chobani. The protein in the yogurt mixed with the fruit keeps me full all morning long!

  7. Bethany

    We love fruit and eggs from our adorable chickies for breakfast! Yogurt is a great snack for the family throughout the day to keep us going 🙂

  8. Kim

    Im a big breakfast skipper, since I hit the snooze button often and run out of time to grab breakfast on my rush to work


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