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Nutrition Counseling

I focus on getting bodies to function optimally, and I teach people how to make food and lifestyle choices that support human physiology.

Nutrition For Women

Help for women with problem periods, menopause symptoms, infertility, and other hormonal imbalance issues.

Thyroid Nutrition

Increase thyroid output, and thyroid hormone conversion and uptake, and get rid of your hypothyroid symptoms for good!

Weight Loss

Get healthy to lose weight, not lose weight to get healthy. Achieving a healthy weight is often a side effect of the body being healthy and in homeostasis.

Mineral Analysis

Mineral analysis looks at tissue, or storage, levels of various minerals and helps target dietary and supplement recommendations.

Body Fat Testing

How much body fat and muscle do you have? How many calories does your body need every day? Ditch the scale and work on changing your body composition and metabolic rate instead.

“Healthwise I think that I am doing well. I think that my hair is coming in better. I am never cold. It annoys everyone in the house. Not hot flashes, just always warm. My skin seems to be less dry. My feet are definitely better. They used to be cracked to the point of bleeding. The cycle is now regular. Constipation is gone.”


“I do feel better and different. I presume that the copper levels are improved because my anxiety is at an all time low. I’ve had to do a few webinars recently and always get anxious beforehand of which I try to tell myself is ridiculous. This time it really didn’t affect me. My hair loss is still there but so much better.”


“My family practitioner referred me to Nicole Holovach. I had little hope that anyone would inspire me but I connected with her immediately and decided to give the program she constructed for me a try. I was pretty sure I’d fail. But instead it was life changing. I’ve lost 9 pounds in 7 weeks but the big change is in my strength and shape. I sought out and enrolled in the strength training class she recommended and it has been difficult but wow what a difference it has made for me. I look and feel much younger and have tons of energy. And I’m much happier because of it. Nicole is the best investment I’ve made in quite a while. I would highly recommend her program to anyone.”


“Cycle #3 since no birth control: Went ok, but was more painful than the one last month, I had one hour of the build up of the heavy duty pain, which started to freak me out, but then it eased off, which was a victory! I did have to take ibuprofen and use my heating pad for several days, but I suppose one hour a month of intense pain is workable, when compared to a day or two. Interested to see what Cycle #4 brings, will send an update then.”

“Cycle update: they continue to go well and actually get better. This last one is just ending and the ‘bad’ cramps lasted maybe 15 minutes and were comparable to the beginning ramp up pain of old. Pain management was good, didn’t even end up using the heating pad. Needless to say…I’M THRILLED.” 


“I came to Nicole as a last hope for feeling better. The effects of menopause and poor eating were not only negatively affecting me physically but also mentally. The fact that it was reversible simply by eating was amazing and life-changing! I found that many of the practices that are touted in the media as being good for you are actually not. I loved learning how real food is the key to health and the science behind why. Nicole’s recommendations are simple, straightforward and easily achievable. When I followed the recommendations I saw real results. Many of the symptoms I came to Nicole with either disappeared or were greatly diminished!”


“I have so many great things to say about Nicole’s services. As a Type 1 Diabetic , the biggest I’d say is the stabilization of my blood sugar numbers. I have seen my blood sugar spikes nearly cease. My blood sugar range has narrowed down significantly. I have a lot less lows to speak of, and something important to me is that I now sleep through the night.

In addition to my blood sugars stabilizing, I have seen other great improvements in my life. My energy level has increased, my moods are much better, I’m meeting my macros, my body fat is decreasing, my hair is growing, and I just FEEL generally healthy! Another important change is my increased metabolism. I felt that after turning 30, my body slowed down a little bit. After visiting with Nicole and learning so much, I’ve seen a huge change in my body structure in just 6 short months. I’ve lost almost 3% body fat, but gained almost 3 pounds in muscle. This was a huge goal of mine, as I’m trying to tap into my more athletic build.

I would absolutely recommend Nicole to a friend or family member. The main reason I’d recommend Nicole’s services is the EASE and simplicity of it all! While the chemistry and science behind nutrition is hard for me to comprehend, I feel as though Nicole lays things out very easily. The goals and recommendations she offers are so easy to implement in my every day life. I am eating meals every day that are full of the proper ingredients that allow me to stay on track. I look forward to shopping at the grocery store with my knowledge of powerful foods. I so enjoy feeding my body properly! I feel like Nicole has given me such great, attainable goals, that I look forward to reaching each day!”


“I am so thrilled to be working with Nicole. In just my first initial weeks I am feeling better and I have a concrete plan as I move forward. As someone who has suffered with various auto immune problems I am impressed with her knowledge and approach to tackling/reducing the inflammation in my body. In addition, she is helping me with my lack of energy and various nutritional deficiencies and hormone imbalances. I am super impressed with her breadth of knowledge of the science of it all and how she is able to explain things in a very simple, easy to follow way. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is trying to feel better, tackle health issues, lose weight, get their hormones in check or anything else health related. If you’re ready for real, workable solutions, then you have to see Nicole. She offers a free initial call. Do it! You won’t regret it.”


“Nicole is an extremely knowledgeable nutritionist. I especially like how she offers unique lab testing and specializes in nutrition for women. Working with Nicole, I feel like I get a lot of personal attention. When something comes across that is related to my condition it is always shared with me. She sends emails regularly with a wealth of information and always responds to my questions. I have recommended this service to my friends and family. I have been very pleased.”


“I followed Nicole’s recommendations to a T, and every single health complaint I had prior to meeting her has since been resolved. I sleep soundly at night, my menstrual cycle has regulated, my acne has cleared and my basal body temperature has increased. Another positive side effect has been an improved relationship with diet and my body in general. I used to question my diet all the time – was I eating too much? Too little? Too many carbs? Too little protein? etc. etc.

I would absolutely recommend Nicole to friends and family members – I already have! I think Nicole offers an incredibly sound, balanced and science-backed approach to nutrition, and her recommendations are easy to follow. It seems like there is a new fad diet gaining popularity every single day, and it can be hard to know whom to trust and what choices are right for your body. Nicole cuts through the noise and can guide you toward sustainable nutrition.”


“Working with Nicole, I have an increased knowledge in nutrition and a gradual improvement in my health. I love having the option to Skype since I don’t always have the option to be in person at an appointment. I have personally already recommended Nicole to at least 8 other people and will continue to do so…I want people to understand how their body functions and how they can live full, happy and energetic lives! Nicole understands that that gimmicky diets, etc. are not promoting true good health.”


“I never knew this kind of specialized health service was available until my acupuncturist recommended it, and I feel so incredibly fortunate that I’m no longer grasping at what to try next to balance my hormones.

Even without health insurance, I would have tried to find the money to work with Nicole virtually or in-person. The recommendation for Nicole’s services was so great and I was frustrated with just trying things and getting nowhere. I found out just how much I was limiting myself in trying to figure this stuff out on my own. I’m no longer potentially hurting my body or making things worse by figuring it out on my own! I feel that working with Nicole added so much more to my health than trying to figure it out in books or blogs, which is what so many of my female friends and family members try to do. The customized approach was invaluable, and I would have never figured out these things on my own.

For the most part, my family doctor and gynecologist never really offered the guidance that I needed either, and I felt a bit crazy in being “unbalanced” with no real diagnosis or strategy to fix it. Nicole provided me with concrete instructions, explanations, and a view into how complex a role nutrition can play with women’s bodies. I appreciated Nicole’s approach in building my daily nutrition plan. It wasn’t overwhelming and I began to feel stronger and healthier with each new recommendation after our appointments.

I realized just how much unmanaged stress really can affect what I want out of life, and am motivated to really, really take charge of that to the best of my ability. I feel empowered and more excited about my future as I have so much more energy! I am so happy that I decided to start working with Nicole. My fears and anxiety around my hormones and potential pregnancy have really gone away, and I feel confident and assured in how I approach my health.”


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