Mineral Analysis

“You can trace every ailment, every sickness, and every disease to a mineral deficiency…”

Linus C. Pauling, PhDTwo-time (unshared) Nobel laureate

Mineral Analysis is lab test that uses hair as a tissue sample to attain levels of various minerals and heavy metals. Vitamins get a lot of attention, but it’s really the minerals that deserve the spotlight. Minerals are the ground floor, the foundation, of everything we are made of. Mineral levels become skewed over time for various reasons. Stress, poor dietary choices, medications, and reduced mineral content of food are the biggest culprits.

Tissue testing for minerals is very different than blood testing. Blood testing for minerals is a good indicator of the transport of minerals to and from the storage areas of the body (extracellular). Hair tissue mineral analysis is a good indicator of storage and the metabolic processes occurring within the cells (intracellular).

“Think about it this way. If you owned a business that sold goods…do you care more about how many of your goods are moving back and forth between locations at any one time, or are you more concerned about what is actually in your store or warehouse (because that’s what affects how you can or can’t do business)? That’s the difference between blood testing and hair testing.”

Dr. Garrett Smith

By correcting mineral levels and ratios, we can often increase metabolic health, and many health problems can resolve. This is really fixing a root cause of health issues – an idea on which I base my practice.

I offer mineral analysis to my clients as a way to better target dietary and supplement recommendations. It gives me information about how various nutrients are impacting metabolism, digestion, blood sugar regulation, hormone balance, and other body functions.

I can take your hair sample in my office, or if you’re a distance client, I will send you the testing kit in the mail with detailed instructions on how to take the hair sample, then you will send your hair sample to the lab. Hair can be any length, but dyed hair must be washed at least 8 times before collecting the sample. More info on preparing your hair sample is here.

Two to three weeks later, we will go over your results and my recommendations, which include a detailed analysis of your current health based on your mineral patterns, and food and potential supplement suggestions.

Dietary changes are crucial to changing mineral patterns, so the test is always combined with nutrition counseling. I also recommend a repeat test in 3-6 months to monitor changes and adjust supplements. I offer discounts for subsequent testing.

Mineral analysis is the most complex lab test you will ever come across, which is why it can give so many answers while also not being “a magic pill.” Depending on your age and lifestyle, repleting depleted storage of minerals can take time. Imagine how long it takes to replenish a savings account accumulated over a lifetime – and how quickly you can spend it!

“According to one estimate, only about one percent of the doctors in the United States routinely order hair analysis as an initial screening test. But the process is expected to become more widely accepted as new research confirms its clinical value and as standardization of the industry gradually becomes a reality.

In my opinion, hair analysis is not the panacea some proponents purport, but it is a valuable tool for diagnosing several illnesses and for determining the levels of essential and toxic elements. Perhaps in time—after the industry adopts uniform processes and eliminates its conflict-of-interest problems—the field will move from its present position at the fringes of modern medicine to become standard procedure.”

Dr. Tom Ferguson

Here is a great overview of mineral analysis and what kind of info this test might tell you.

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