Mineral Analysis Prep

Scalp hair is the only source recommended for analysis. Other body hair should only be used as a last resort if scalp hair is not available, for confirmation of elevated toxic metals, and/or to rule out external contamination of the scalp hair.

The hair to be collected should be untreated, i.e. not permed, dyed or bleached. If the hair has been chemically treated, wait until sufficient new virgin growth has emerged to allow collection. Eight washes will suffice, but if you have the patience, six weeks is ideal.

The hair should also be clean (shampooed within the last 24 hours), dry, and free of all gels, oils and hair creams prior to sample collection. Rinsing with distilled water will give the most accurate results. You can purchase distilled water at any grocery store or pharmacy.

Do not use treatment shampoos like Selsun Blue or Head and Shoulders in the week prior to the sample collection. These shampoos have minerals that can affect test results.