Thyroid Nutrition

  • Are you on thyroid medication, but still feel hypothyroid?
  • Do you have all the classic hypothyroid symptoms, but your doctor keeps running labs and telling you “you’re fine?”
  • Did you have your thyroid removed and are now having a hard time regulating your thyroid labs?

I can help you!

There’s a reason why millions of hypothyroidism sufferers today fail to ever get relief or feel normal again.

There’s a reason why many people (especially women!) start to feel more hypothyroid as their metabolism slows with age.

The reason? Inefficient thyroid hormone uptake and utilization by your cells – thyroid hormone resistance at the cellular level.

You can have plenty of thyroid hormone in your bloodstream, but if your cells can’t use it, you are still functionally hypothyroid and you will still experience the hundreds of symptoms that go along with hypothyroidism.

No amount of thyroid medication will ever change that.

Most of the advice out there about hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is not very helpful. Some of it is actually harmful! I see clients everyday damaged by dietary advice they read online, or even heard from their doctors (low-carb is a disaster for thyroid health!).

Most of the health advice out there regarding thyroid health focuses solely on increasing thyroid function and output. As you can see, that is only a small piece of the puzzle.

I work with clients to increase thyroid output and thyroid hormone conversion. Then, most importantly, to clear up thyroid hormone pathways that help get more thyroid hormone into cells.

Because every single cell in the human body needs thyroid hormone to produce ATP, (aka energy) and because all cells need energy in order to do anything within the human body, getting more thyroid hormone into cells has a cascade effect and will help pretty much any health problem.

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“I had been asking (and telling) my GP and Endocrinologist for years that something was wrong and asked if further tests could be done to find the issue. If my blood levels were “normal” and I was eating “right” why was I was gaining weight? No matter what I did I felt horrible. I am only 51 years old. I felt like I was getting old before my time. I couldn’t even walk up and down the steps without being in pain. I had no energy. I felt like I was a hamster on a wheel just spinning around and getting nowhere. The Mineral Analysis test and nutrition counseling with Nicole has changed my life. I now have the power and tools to change what was wrong. Nicole has helped me get my health under control, lose weight, and be active again. I feel like I am in my 20’s again!”

M. Ward